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LOT # 2000
Currency: USD | Category: Household Furnishings | Seller: Southern District of California | Start Price: $4845 | Increment Value: $20.00 | Number of bids: 1

Current Bid: $4,845.00

w/ Buyer's Premium:$4,845.00

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Bidding Ends: 10/22/2019 12:00 PM CDT

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Last Updated: 10/11/2019 2:37 PM CDT

MISCELLANEOUS LOT: {454 items total} *** Items Located in San Diego, California ***

[1] Bull cast sculpture signed D. Schaefer, 7/27; 40"h x 27" x 12" D

[1] "The Elder", Native American figure standing bronze, wearing coat; 28" Tall; Base 12" wide; Signed Joe Beeler, Buffalo Bronze works

[1] Native American with head dress bronze, "Eagle Chief". R. V. Greeves; Marble base; 27" Tall x 24"

[1] Desk lamp with wildlife motif; Buck, doe and fawn; with gold tone decorative shade; Unsigned; 32" high x 16" W

[1] Black forest carved wildlife wall hanger; Antlers broken on top; 27" tall x 18" Wide

[1] Steer wall hanger; White painted steer with green leaf surround; Painted metal; 11" x 10"

[1] Iron door stop; Black and white dog; 16" long x 8" High

[2] Metal door stops; Native American design motif

[1] Lot of assorted date Wyoming License plates

[1] Ibanez guitar; Model #PF5CE-NT-14-02; S/N K021000733

[1] Harmonica, 64Chromonica Professional Model, M Hohner Germany

[1] Antique Walnut Cash Register; lift top; with keys; 20" x 10.5" x 7.5"

[1] Vintage Remington Sure Shot wooden ammo box; 14.5" x 8" x 8"

[1] Round double-sided Winchester Western advertising sign; 38" diameter (across)

[1] Western style wall clock; Woven tree branch case; 29: x 21"

[1] Western art featuring (3) carved wooden figures involved in shooting duel; 35" long x 17" High; Signed R. Freeman

[1] Painted metal wall hanging; Mermaid with Pelican on tail; 32" Long x 24" Tall

[1] Red Hiawatha antique riding train; 23.5" long x 8" Tall

[1] Metal Wyandotte Truck lines (All Metal Products Manufacturing) Toy trailer

[1] Oriental metal industries motorcycle friction toy

[2] Antique toy cars; (1) Wooden pull car with round metal wheels; (1) Painted metal Hubley toy car, light green

[4] Antique metal cars and trucks; (1) Tow truck, (1) Stake bed, (1) Truck Tractor; (1) Red sedan with black trim

[18] Assorted collectible toy cars; Including Coca-Cola memorabilia

[1] Shadow box with assorted fly lures; Hardy Bros. black lure box; (1) 2" reel

[2] 4" reels; (1) Brass stamped Made in England; (1) Walnut

[2] 4" brass, Salmon fly fishing reels

[1] House of Hardy, No. 184 Reel, Made by Ian Evans, Limited edition, with presentation box;

[1] Orvis Reel Alarm Clock

[1] Walnut 5" fishing reel with optional check

[2] 5.5" Pflueger Sal-Trout fishing reels

[8] Assorted vintage fishing reels, Brass and Metal, 3.5" and 2.5"

[1] Wicker basket

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures, Including Heddon Lucky 13's

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures; Including Bass-Oreno and frog lures

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures; Including Heddon Crazy crawlers

[10] Assorted wooden vintage fishing lures, Including Heddon Crazy Crawlers and Heddon Stanley Lures

[10] Assorted vintage fishing lures, including Heddon, dingbat

[10] Assorted vintage fishing lures

[11] Assorted vintage fishing lures, including spider lure

[10] Assorted wooden fishing lures, including creek chub injured minnow, baby river runt

[10] Assorted vintage fishing lures, including Edgren spinning minnow, flat fish, plunker and phantom

[4] Vintage fishing lures including, wooden minnow, pearl pink plunker lure, sparkling minnow, mud puppy

[17] Assorted vintage lure advertising tins and boxes

[7] Fly fishing lure boxes with assorted fly-fishing lures

[6] Fly fishing lure books/boxes with assorted fly-fishing lures

[1] Vintage metal fishing tackle box

[2] Wooden glass top display cases with assorted vintage wooden fishing bobbers

[1] Wooden vintage fishing tackle box, W.H. Sheldon, Hudson N.Y. containing assorted antique fishing rods

[2] Glass flasks with wicker encasement and leather shoulder straps

[1] Desk clock with bark finish

[1] Decorative fish basket with Washington DC

[2] Fishing books

[1] Lot of assorted fishing rods and fishing accessories, wooden fishing stool, rod holders

[2] Decorative wooden duck decoys; [1] Large black and [1] brown/black/white

[1] Wooden Mallard duck decoy, Clare, 15" long x 8" tall

[3] Wooden Mallard, hand painted, duck decoys; 17" long x 7" Tall, (2) Signed Baldock

[5] Wooden decoy's; with signatures-RD Lewis, BJ, Charles Van Note; Two unsigned

[1] Lehmann-Gross-Bahn Big train set including assorted (approximately 13) cars, track, transformers, controllers and accessories

[1] Lot of assorted vintage style advertising tins including tobacco, produce, tea and fishing

[2] Antique metal upright flip top storage containers, (1) Café, 27" Tall x 14" Deep (1) Bensorp Reiner-Cacao 24" tall x 15" deep

[1] Lot of assorted western and Native American Motif items; (6) pairs of Native American/Wildlife bookends and (1) individual book end; (6) Carved wood mirrors; (3) Carved wood brushes; (1) Pewter Native American Sculpture; (4) Decorative items

[1] Lot of assorted western and Native American decorative items, including candle holders, pipes, advertising signs, shot glasses and painted sculptures

[1] Sculpture after Frederic Remington's, "The Savage" 1908; 13" Tall

[1] Lot assorted decorative upright stone plant stands, planters and wall shelves

[1] Lot assorted glass jars (2) with lids (4) without decorative wall art, vintage bucket, Gold-tone decorative design stool/stand

[1] Lot of lamps: (1) Three fixture lamp with antique style shades; (1) Pair Gold tone lamps without shades; (1) Pair of gold gilt Roman style lamps with marble bases, without shades; (3) Black lamp shades, (4) Small clip on lamp shades; (4) Small black clip on lamp shades with gold tone trim; (3) Stainless finish lamp shades

[1] Lot of assorted lamps; (1) Pair gold tone table lamps, 26" Tall; (1) Pair of candlestick style lamps; (5) Small desk lamps; (1) Three lamp gold tone lamp; (1) Gold gilt lamp with black base; (1) Gold gilt lamp; (1) Two lamp tray lamp with black base; (2) Black lamp shades

[1] Lot assorted size and color lamp shades and glass lamp base; (1) Large beige fabric lamp shade; Assorted quantity and finish of clip on lamp shades

[1] Lot of assorted lamp shades; (2) Wooden rustic wildlife motif lamp shades; (1) Rustic wooden lamp shade with wood veneer shade; Assorted style and color clip on lamp shades

[1] CM Russel western lamp with Cowboy and Native American seated in front of tree stump lamp base; 21" high x 16" wide [1] Pair of rustic iron wall sconce light fixtures each with three lamps; 42" long x 14" wide

[1] Pair of emerald glass gold tone banker’s lamps; 14" tall x 10" wide

[1] Pair of gold tone two lamp table lamps with black shades; 33" tall x 18" wide

[1] Pair of wooden snowshoe lamps with single fixtures and no shades;47" long x 13" wide

[1] Lot with (8) pairs of lamps and (8) single lamps to include; Rustic finish, bear motif, silver tone finish, chandelier style and gold gilt finish lamps

[1] Lot of assorted wall sconce light fixtures, both indoor and outdoor fixtures, Including Wildlife and western motif fixtures; Iron and antique finish

[1] Pair of gold tone lamps with wood bases and two large black lamp shades; 25" tall without shade

[2] Pairs of lamps; (1) Carved wood lamp with round base, 25" tall; (1) Gold gilt southwestern style chandelier lamps with marble base, 17" tall

[6] Outdoor solid metal hanging candle holders, Open framework with one single door, 13" x 13" x 13"

[6] Wall metal wall planters with antique rust finish; 18" tall x 13" deep

[2] Chandelier light fixtures; (1) Rust/patina metal finish with hammered copper light fixtures, 20" tall; (1) Metal chandelier with glass center, crystals and floral motif light fixtures, 20" tall

[1] Lot assorted wall art light fixtures; (3) Boxes of assorted quantity and style

[1] Lot assorted patina finish metal candle wall sconces with floral motif

[1] Lot outdoor lanterns, approximately (8) total include glass globe lanterns and yard hanging posts; (8) Outdoor candle holder yard posts

[1] Lot of glassware and decorative glass including assorted drinking glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, pitchers, glass vases and bowls

[1] Lot kitchen cookware; Calphalon saucepans, pots, pans, Le Creuset tea kettle, stainless tea pot, muffin pans, colanders and griddle

[1] Lot of assorted kitchen utensils, flatware; (1) Cuisinart countertop press; Assorted Cuisinart attachments; Ralph Lauren flatware (forks, knives, spoons and servers); Assorted cooking spoons, rolling pin, and miscellaneous kitchen cooking utensils

[1] Lot kitchen knives, grilling utensils and tools, wire basket, blue metal wearing can, Metal hook and candles

[1] Lot copper cookware; (8) Copper "Old Colony" chalices, (5) Tea kettles; Roasting pan; Large Mixing bowl; (16) Assorted size pots; Scoop, ladle, platter; (2) small mixing bowls, (2) Cast Iron pots, (1) Cast Iron "Corn" pan

[1] Lot large copper basin with handle; gold ton hammered finish planters; (1) Round copper pot; (1) Copper tea pot; (3) small oval planters

[1] Lot of wicker baskets and trays; Wood plates, bowls, platters; (1) serving/cutting board, tins, platters and serving bowls

[1] Lot of (8) Ralph Lauren coffee cups; (8) Ralph Lauren salad plates; (8) Ralph Lauren dinner plates; Equine/Western theme cream/sugar, tea pot, water pitcher, stock pot with top, large bowl, serving platter; (1) Ceramic log cabin cookie jar, Horn salt and pepper set, Fish spoon rest, Gone fishing cookie jar, salad bowl with spoons

[1] Lot of assorted dishware; (7) Spode C.1816.T coffee mugs, (3) C.1816.Y coffee mugs, (8) Tea Cups, (3) C.1816.W small plates, (1) serving dish, (1) Serving platter, (1) Covered serving platter, (1) sugar/cream holder, Adams large bowl with Cattle art, (1) Pot with handles, (12) Spode dinner plates, (1) Adams pitcher, 1 Spode pitcher, (1) Colonial times cream set, (2) Booths Old Willow Sugar Holder, Tea kettle, (1) Morea stone china serving dish, (1) Mason's serving platter, (1) Spode Blue room collection Greek Mug,(3) Cups with tops, serving dish and Spode tea kettle

[1] Lot Westward Ho dishware; (11) Mugs, (12) bowls, (1) Salt & Pepper set, (1) Cream and Sugar holder, (12) Small plates, (12) Saucers, (1) Salad Bowl, (12) Large plates, (1) Serving dish, (1) Pitcher, (1) Ash Tray, (1) Serving platter, (1) Tea pot, (1) Large Serving dish

[1] Lot assorted kitchen dishware and pots; (1) Large round crock, (1) Dog themed cookie jar, (3) Hand painted jars with lids, (1) ceramic pot base, (1) pie dish, (1) Ceramic server with handle, (1) Red dog bowl, (1) Mortar and pestle, (3) small jars, (1) Round white container with perforated lid

[1] Lot kitchen cookware and glassware; (4) white casserole dishes with lids, assorted drinking glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses, Christmas glass platter, (3) Clear glass casserole dishes

[1] Lot assorted pattern dishware; (3) GMT & Bro Coffee holders, (1) Small clove holder, (9) Spode C1816.W Small plates, (8) Spode C.1816.P Small Bowls, (1) C.1816.Y Coffee Mug, (4) Tea Cups, (1) Masons "Vista" serving bowl, Masons Fountains Serving Bowl, (2)Joseph Smith display platter, (4) Vignette display dishes, (12) Spode C.1816.W saucers, (1) Display Cup, (1) Colonial Times Pitcher, (2) Display plates, (1) Pot with flowers, (12) Spode C.1816.W Small plates

[1] Lot assorted pattern dishware, (1) Tepco Western Platter, (1) Coffee Mug with green, (1) Spode Woodland Set Casserole dish, (1) Spode Serving platter, (1) Spode Gravy Boat, (1) Spode Serving dish, (12) Spode dinner plates, (12) Spode salad plates, (1) Spode cream set, (12) Spode small side plates, (12) Spode saucers, (12) Spode small bowls, (12) Spode tea cups, (1) Spode pitcher, (4) Jay Wilfred small plates [1] Lot kitchen glassware and decorative glassware; (2) Large candle urns, (8) Pyrex bowls, (3) Cut glass vases, Assorted drinking glasses, pitchers and storage containers

[1] Lot assorted clothing, shoes and handbag; (13) Thermal/Turtleneck shirts, sizes medium and XL; (1) Bogner black boots size 8; (1) Stuart Weitzman black leather boots, size 8, (1) Ugg brown boots, Size 8; (2) Pairs women's gloves; (1) Black small hand bag with floral beads; (1) Brown Leather shoulder bag, Assorted socks and Men's underwear (New in Package)

[1] Lot assorted Men's clothing; (12) Men's Orvis long sleeve button down shirts (New in Package), (1) Green rain suit, (1) Pair beige outerwear pants; (1) Tasha Polizzi Blue and Red Cowboy coat, Size Medium

[1] Lot Assorted shirts, turtlenecks, outerwear, Blankets and scarves, Size medium and extra large

[1] Lot assorted Men's shirts; (22) Assorted Faconnable, Polo and Rift Valley button down shirts, Size Large and Extra Large

[1] Lot small kitchen appliances; (1) Dualit Red four slice toaster; (1) Cuisinart Blender, (1) Cuisinart popcorn maker, (2) Coffee Makers, (2) Electric Crock pots, (1) Large toaster, (1) Primo water dispenser, (1) Fabric shaver; (1) Tea Kettle, (1) Potato Peeler

[1] Lot kitchen Tupperware and plastic/rubber storage; Cutting boards, baskets, silverware trays, place mats

[1] Lot of assorted light bulbs

[1] Lot household items; (2) bags of charcoal, squeegee, flashlight, Shop vac and rags

[1] Lot assorted tools and accessories; (1) Tool bag with assorted hand tools; Bungees, Organizer with assorted screws, Makita cordless drill in case

[1] Lot of household and decorative items; (2) Kleenex box covers, (3) Vanity mirrors, (2) Stainless storage containers, (1) Wicker hamper

[1] Lot household cleaning and clothing appliances; (1) Oreck upright vacuum, (1) New in box Sonicare toothbrush, (1) Ironing Board, (1) Oreck Steamer, (2) Dehumidifiers [1] Lot decorative and office items; (5) Nutcrackers; (2) Desk clocks; (1) Glass candy dish with wood top; (1) Desk organizer; (1) Boot jack; (2) Ornamental bird statues; (1) Wildlife wall plaque

[1] Lot decorative items; (1) Pair of rustic candle holders; (1) Green planter; (1) Pair of metal folk art figurines: (1) Deco metal travel case; (1) Wooden hand painted boot stump; (2) Red panel wall plaques

[1] Lot photo books and frames; (7) assorted photo frames; (1) Cigar box; (2) Trolley Christmas Ornaments; (3) Photo books, (1) Moose Crossing Sign

[1] Lot of decorative items and accessories; (2) Wildlife wine cork stops; (1) Canvas bottle container; (5) Pocket knives; (4) Travel stainless steel pop up glasses; (2) Shot Glasses; (2) Green containers; (1) Wood storage box; (1) Fly fishing lure over the shoulder box

[1] Lot decorative items and accessories; (3) Wooden and metal hand painted fish with Red and Black; (1) Copper boot coin dish; (1) Ceramic stagecoach; (1) Equestrian coin dish; Assorted Coasters; (2) Decorative Copper boots; (1) Green cup and saucer; (3) Western Posters; (1) Native American Pen holder; (1) Silver tone Western candle snuffer

[1] Lot outdoor cast iron fountains with hose bibs; (2) with wash basin and fixture

[1] Lot of gold gilt wall shelves/plant stands [1] Lot of trade show or exhibit panels and displays

[1] Lot of clocks and decorative accessories; (3) Wall clocks; (1) Electric western motif wall clock with cowboy; (2) Black ceramic dog statues; (2) Desk/Mantle Clocks; (4) Deco red lanterns; (1) Monte Cristo box

[1] Howard Miller wall clock-Regulator; Round Clock face with lower glass cabinet and wood case; 38" long

[1] Lot of Remote-control toy trucks; (2) Hummers (Black and Red); (1) Yellow Rock runner; (1) Blue and Red Car Cruiser Model car; Note Only Two Remotes

[1] Large clam shell; measures approximately 26" x 18" [1] Large clam shell; measures approximately 26" x 18"

[1] Lot decorative items and glassware; (1) Coral white coral, 16" long; Assorted seashells; Assorted tea candle holders

[1] Lot with decorative vintage wash board; Advertising tubs; Green painted metal bucket and Painted tin bucket

[1] Lot of home speakers, extension cords and Christmas lighting

[7] Case logic cases with assorted music CD's

[1] Lot with assorted home electronics; Cordless phone, ethernet switch, DVD's, Remotes, Walkman headphones and miscellaneous home theatre wiring

[1] Lot of assorted home electronics; VHS Players, toner, power cords, firewall, Sony Camcorder Tapes

[1] Lot of Bose Acoustimass power speaker system; AM-5BP, (3) Pieces

[2] Bose QuietComfort 2 Headphone systems

[1] Bose Acoustic Wave Sound System with travel case; Model CD-3000;

[1] Lot of assorted electronics; (1) Automatic focus Sawyers projector; (1) Auto 8 Movie cassette player; (1) Sony Digital HandyCam Model DCR-TRV510 with cords and case

[1] Lot western decorative items; (2) Carved cattle horns; (1) Minnequa vintage flax water bag; (2) Animal Hoofs made into ash trays; (1) Four horn deco cattle horn mount; Assorted horse tac; Stirrups; (1) Southwestern Red/Black/White rug, 5' x 30"; (1) Western style throw, 46" x 34"; (1) Brown/Black/White Cowhide rug, 7' x 6'

[1] Lot of decorative items and storage cases; (1) Wooden hand painted tribal mask; (1) Large wooden pan; (1) Brass collapsible telescope; (1) Wooden picture frame easel; (1) Vintage scoop with wood handle; (1) Brown leather speed bag; (1) Black rifle case; (1) Da-Lite projector screen

[1] Lot assorted decorative items; (3) Rustic metal wall hooks; (5) Medieval swords; (3) Black metal wall brackets

[1] Lot assorted vintage farm and garden tools; Rake, Ax, Sheers, Pitch forks

[1] Lot vintage farm/garden tools and cattle brands, (6) Assorted Cattle brands, Spade, Hoe, Rake Trowel

[1] Lot Assorted vintage farm and garden tools; Cranberry Rake, Pitch forks, assorted hand and cutting tools [9] Decorative vintage water cans; Assorted metal and finish

[2] Pairs of leather chaps finished exterior with black and brown animal fur; 36" and 41" long

[2] Pairs of leather chaps both with exterior bead work and embellishments; 38" long

[5] Decorative canoes; (4) Handmade with woven leather and tree bark; (1) Green wooden canoe

[1] Lot Native American decorative accent pieces; (1) Pair of leather moccasins, (1) Beaded tribal type patch cloth, (1) Spirit type stick with hoof, woven fabric and leather wraps

[2] Brown leather shoulder bags with open leather work and design; 12" x 6", 10" x 7"

[1] Brown leather saddle/shoulder bag with fold over flap and buckle; 13" x 12"

[2] Brown leather western belts; (1) Western gun style belt with chrome buckle, 35"; (1) Supply Belt with floral embellishments and brass buckle, 47"

[1] Brown leather western gun belt with dual holsters, ammo loops, 43" Lot western leather deco items; (2) Leather western themed place mats with fringe work and Cowgirl/Cowboy artwork; (1) Native American themed pouch; Fold over pouch with clasp

[1] Leather western messenger bag with leather hand strap, 26" x 15"

[1] Lot western wear; (1) White Baily Cowboy Hat; (1) Stetson brown felt hat, 7 1/8; (3) Women's western belts with rhinestone and pressed metal embellishments, One with sterling buckle

[1] Leather Double D Ranch, Yoakum, TX; Size M brown leather coat with brass beadwork on collar and chest

[1] Women's western shirt, Brown with red; Char, Santa Fe, NM, Size Medium

[1] Brown leather Men's western vest, Alan Michael, Size Large

[3] Leather western vests, (2) Size Large, (1) Size Medium, finished with animal hide and embellishments

[1] Bolo tie with black cord and centered with raised medallion featuring cowboy on horse

[1] Pair of black leather riding boots with boot forms, Size unknown

[1] Pair of brown/red leather riding boots with boot form, Size Unknown

[4] Pairs of western boots; (1) Tony Lama brown and blue, Size 7; (1) Tony Lama black/red/white, Size Unknow; (1) Brown cowhide Dan Post boots, Size Unknown; (1) Pair vintage brown leather boots, Size Unknown

[1] Pair of Brown Leather Lucchese Classic boots, Size 8B, In original box, Like New

[1] Pair of Brown/Blue leather Lucchese books, Size 8.5B, In original box, Like New

[3] Pairs of western boots; (1) Green/Brown/White leather, Stuart Romero vintage boots, Size unknown, (1) Brown and White Olsen-Stelzer Boots, Size Unknown, (1) Black leather vintage with floral pattern, Size unknown

[3] Pairs of Men's western boots; (1) Black leather with multi-color, size unknown, (1) Brown leather J. Chisolm, Size Unknown; (1) Brown leather with Multi-color, Size Unknown

[3] Pairs of Men's western boots; (1) Pair of Rocketbuster brown leather boots, Size Unknown, (1) Pair of Red/White/Black Stewart Romero boots, Size Unknown, (1) Pair of black leather boots, Size Unknown

[3] Pairs of assorted western boots; (1) Nocona Black Leather boots, Size 8, (1) Brown leather Rocketbuster boots, Size Unknow, (1) Brown leather Tony Lama boots, Size 8 {3] Vintage dress forms, two with wooden pedestal bases

[1] Lot large assortment of Skis, Ski poles, (2) Pairs of Ski Boots; Assorted size and makes

[1] Lot of vintage snowshoes, decorative, (4) Pairs and (2) Single [3] Vintage ski sleds, red metal with wood sled seats, Approximately 37" long

[1] Large Elk taxidermy mount with antlers, 44" x 38" without antlers

[1] Sword fish deco wall mount, 55" long

[1] Decorative fish display piece with mounted fish installed

[2] Decorative fish mounts; (1) Bass, 24" long each

[6] Assorted deco fish mounts, (2) mounted on wood backer

[1] Vintage deco sail wood painted sailboat, 57" long

[4] Vintage deco trunks and suitcases, (1) Trunk, W.S. Weether, 28" long x 18" tall, (3) Assorted brown suitcases

[1] Lot assorted black metal fireplace screen, (1) Packaged in factory box [1] Lot of fireplace tools and fireplace guard; (1) Upright tool stand, (3) Shovels, (1) Complete mini fire set

[1] Large metal deco pot with claw feet, 24" tall x 26" diameter

[1] Asian painted pot with wooden stand; Floral, multi-color pattern, 26" tall with stand x 20" diameter

[1] Large metal pot rack and [1] Small metal oval rack, Large rack 60" long

[1] Lot large wicker basket 31" long x 24" tall

[1] Lot wing back plaid, Black/Red with matching ottoman,

[1] Black/Red small child's chair

[1] Lot artificial plants/trees; (2) Trees; (3) Plants

[1] Lot six assorted pole lamps

[1] Iron Deco Door frame and door with rounded arch way; 80" high x 46" outside

[1] Western style mirror with wood/branch frame; 61" H x 48" W, with dates in each corner 1898, 1998

[1] Gold leaf framed bevel mirror, 54" x 39" outside

[1] Wood frame mirror, arch top and curved bottom/edge, 52" x 37" [1] Silver-tone ornate framed bevel mirror, 38" x 28"

[1] Gold leaf finish ornate framed bevel mirror, 43" x 30"

[1] Copper/Rust finish metal framed bevel mirror, 49" x 37"

[1] Large upright gilt frame mirror with cherub arch way, 77" x 40"

[1] Vintage type, 45 Star, U.S. Flag, 10' x 8'

[1] Lot of assorted board games, (1) poker chip set, (1) bocce ball set

[1] Lot of assorted sporting goods, (1) Tommy Bahama Golf staff bag, (7) pairs binoculars, (1) portable picnic cooler, (2) burlap grocery bags, (1) child's toy

[1] Lot of assorted sporting goods, (1) football, (1) bag of baseballs, volleyball, football, golf balls, (2) lanterns, (1) extension pole, (1) rifle case, (1) pair sunglasses (2) flashlights

[1] Lot of assorted fishing poles, fishing accessories, (1) box fly fishing lures, (2) fishing nets

[1] Lot of (4) pool floats and (2) boogie boards

[1] Lot of (2) pet carriers, (1) child's playpen, (1) highchair tabletop, (1) child's dining chair attachment

[1] Lot with platform utility cart in box, (1) box gun cleaning kits, (2) rifle cases

[1] Lot of miscellaneous silver-plated utensils

[1] Lot of (7) beer steins

[1] Lot of (6) ceramic beer steins, (1) lemonade set with (1) picture and (6) cups

[1] Lot of (1) ice bucket, (9) glass tea candle votive holders, (1) gilt framed oil painting, (3) decorative pears

[1] Lot of pewter (2) beer steins, (3) teapots, (1) biscuit holder

[1] Brass oil lamp [1] Lot of assorted pewter, (4) mugs, (1) creamer, (1) vegetable dish, (1) candle holder, (1) condiment holder, (1) shot glass, (1) small bowl, (1) soup tureen

[1] Lot of assorted pewter service items, (2) water pictures, (1) cream holder, (1) sugar holder, (9) salad plates, (2) bowls, (4) candlestick holders, (1) vegetable dish

[1] Lot of silver plate service item including ice buckets and service trays

[1] Lot of assorted sterling silver service items, (3) candle holders, (2) creamers, (1) claw footed bowl, (1) small platter

[1] Lot of assorted silver plate service items, (1) serving fork, (1) serving spoon, (1) small teapot, (1) gravy boat, (1) American Legion trophy, (3) small bowls, (1) platter

[1] Lot of assorted silver plate service items, (2) water pictures, (1) teapots, (1) coffee pot, (1) gravy boat, (1) service plate with cover, (3) service platters, (1) small picture, (1) domed service dish, (1) Aladdin lamp candle

[1] Lot of assorted silver plate service items, (4) assorted size platters, (2) vegetable dishes, (1) sugar holder

[1] Lot of assorted silver plate service items, (1) coffee urn, (1) soup tureen with top

[1] Lot of (2) silver plated ice buckets

[1] (4) bone handled magnifying glasses

[1] (1) alarm clock, (1) pair of duck book ends, (1) cut glass covered bowl

[1] (4) bone handled magnifying glasses

[1] Lot of (6) silver plated service platters

[1] Lot of (2) silver plated candelabras, (2) small brass candle holders

[1] Lot of (4) silver plated small bowls, (1) silver plated service platter, (4) decorative glass figurines with pewter deer heads

[1] Lot of (1) silver plated coffee urn

[1] Lot of (2) pairs silver plated candle holders, (1) pair of brass candle holders

[1] Lot of (10) assorted plaid and southwestern style blankets

[1] Lot of assorted throw pillows, western and native American theme

[1] Lot of throw pillows, new beach towels

[1] Lot of bed comforters and duvet covers

[1] Lot of assorted decorative throw pillows and area rugs

[1] Lot of (3) rugs, (1) Oriental 3x2 ft, (1) Oriental 75"x52", (3) Native American 53"x40"

[1] Lot of assorted Western books

[1] Lot of assorted books

[1] Lot of assorted books

[1] Lot of assorted books

[1] Lot of assorted books

[1] Lot of assorted books

[1] Lot of assorted fabric and remnants

[2] Framed Native American Oil portrait paintings; 37"x 31" and 38.5" x 32.5" Outside dimensions

[1] Framed display featuring Native American tribal wear, Blue beads with elongated bone and leather; 37" x 24"

[4] Framed Native American prints; (3) Portrait and (1) Mother with children, assorted size

[3] Assorted pieces of Art; (1) Framed portrait of black dog, 20" x 15" Damage to frame; (1) Ed Hardy print, (1) Abstract oil on canvas, 47" x 12.5"

[1] Lot of sports memorabilia; (1) Plaque with signed baseball; (1) Boxing 4-photo framed piece

[4] Framed prints; (2) Interior/Architectural Prints 26" x 21.5"; (2) "Tea Time" framed portrait photo,

[6] Framed art prints; (2) English scenery black and white prints; (3) Architectural hotel prints; (1) Colonial scene print, 31" x 24"

[3] Western themed prints; (1) American West Ralph Lauren Print, 41.5" x 42"; (1) Riverside scene with two men and canoe, Damage lower left; (1) "Women of the Wild West" print

[4] Framed western prints; (2) Dual portrait cowboy/cowgirl; (1) Cowboy firing rifle; (1) Cowboy and Native American

[3] Framed prints; (1) Colonial hunting scene, 24" x 19.5", (2) Western prints

[6] Assorted size and style art frames

[3] Framed art prints; (1) "It all ends in Smoke", 6" x 4.5"; (1) Winter scene with children playing;

[1] Framed "Elk" portrait, 26" x 15"

[6] Framed art prints; (1) Bird dog with bird, signed and numbered, 79/250; 32.5" x 26"; (5) Assorted framed bird prints

[2] Framed prints; (1) Colonial hunting scene-Morning in the Woods; (1) Western Hunting scene- The Bewildered Hunter, 23.5" x 19"

[3] Framed oil paintings; (2) Tuscan scenes, 16.5" x 14.5"; (1) Portrait of young boy, 17" x 15"

[2] LeRoy Neiman prints; (1) Doubles Tennis print; (1) Football print, 46" x 35"

[2] Large framed prints; (1) Two women in a field picking flowers, 48" x 56"; (1) Floral Tuscan scene in white-washed frame with damage, 36" x 30"

[4] Framed prints; (2) Framed coral and shell prints, 35" x 29"; (2) Oriental prints

[3] Framed decorative prints; (1) Oval colonial portrait; (1) Scene with pack of hunting dogs; (1) Framed colonial map print

[2] Boxes of assorted size unframed western screen prints

[1] Lot assorted Map/Geographical Prints and Native American Prints

[1] Lot of assorted size unframed western screen prints and portraits

[1] Lot of assorted size and style screen prints; Colonial hunters, Western and Native American

[1] Lot with 4 pieces of oak trim

[1] Lot assorted/miscellaneous wardrobe tops

[1] Lot oak furniture accent pieces

[1] Lot with two tabletops, crown molding (damaged)

[1] Lot with drapery rods with assorted/miscellaneous finials and furniture parts

[3] Framed western portraits

[2] Framed Native American portrait prints, 17" x 14"

[2] Framed art prints; (1) "Scenery of the Mississippi" Native American print; (1) Colonial portrait collage, 17" x 13.5"

[3] Framed oil paintings; (1) Native American portrait, (1) Western hunter, (1) Native American Camp Scene, 18" x 16"

[4] Framed Native American themed oil paintings, 12" x 10"

[3] Framed Native American themed oil paintings, (2) 12" x !0", (1) 13" x 15"

[2] Tables with folding legs, 48" x 24" x 30", 60" x 18" x 30"

[1] Lot of assorted earrings, pin and hair clip; (6) Pairs of assorted earrings, (1) Silver tone hair clip, (1) "Cowboy Bar" Pin

[1] Lot (98) assorted foreign coins, Multiple countries and assorted denominations

[1] Lot with (46) bottles of assorted red wine.

*** Items Located in San Diego, California ***

**Approval to Bid REQUIRED**

NOTE: Auction approval can take up to (1) business day. Please contact us at 512-251-2780, Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST to expedite this process.

Preview is by appointment only; contact G&S at or 512-251-2780 for more info.

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No deposit is required to bid at this auction. Winning bidders will receive an emailed invoice shortly after the close of the auction. Pay from that invoice. If you do not receive an invoice within 24 hours, please contact us. FAILURE TO PAY FOR ITEMS WILL RESULT IN ACCOUNT DEACTIVATION AND DENIAL FROM PARTICIPATION IN ANY FUTURE GASTON & SHEEHAN AUCTIONS, LIVE OR ONLINE.

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Payments to:

Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers, Inc.
1420 FM 685, Pflugerville, TX 78660

Items are located San Diego, California.


Payment for auction items will NOT be accepted at pick up location.

Pick up of items is the buyer's responsibility and professional movers are recommended. Retrieval will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 


Location: California


Item is located in San Diego, CA. Preview is by appointment only M-F, 9 am - 4 pm. Contact G&S at or 512-251-2780 for more info.