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2111 [5] DRESSES: Xtreme, fuchsia, sequin trim, size 4; Flirt by Maggie Sottero, fuchsia, sequin and gems on front and on one shoulder strap, size 4; Alyce Designs, fuchsia, sequin and gem front, size 4; Alyce Designs, purple, sequin dress, gem trim, size 4; Love 16, purple, gem design front, size 4 $75.00 0 2/28 12:00 PM CST
2112 [5] DRESSES: Glamor girl, bronze, gem sequin on front and back, size 4; Tony Bowls, purple, gem embellishments, sequin on entire dress, size 6; Alyce Designs, salmon, sequin/gem midriff, size 6; Flirt by Maggie Sottero, purple and black, embroidery, size 4; Alyce Designs, white, black ribbon around top w/ bow, rhinestones, black ribbon bottom, size 4 $75.00 0 2/28 12:01 PM CST
2113 [5] DRESSES: Love 16, blue, sequin and gems on front and back, size 6; Alyce Designs, pink, sequin and gems on front and back, size 6; Xcite, blue, sequin and gems on front, size 6; Alyce Designs, Blue, sequin flower design on front, sparkle chiffon, size 6; Alyce Designs, blue, sequin and gem front, size 6 $75.00 0 2/28 12:02 PM CST
2114 [5] DRESSES: Tony Bowls, blue, beaded top, gems on front, size 6, frayed fabric; Flirt by Maggie Sottero, blue, gem centerpiece, gems on straps, size 6; VEN, red, sequin entire dress, size 6; Alyce Designs, purple, embroidery, gems and sequin front and back, size 6; Glamor Girl, purple, embroidery, sequin and gem on entire dress, size 6 $75.00 0 2/28 12:03 PM CST
2115 [5] DRESSES: Tony Bowls, purple, sequin and gems on entire dress, size 6; Xcite, black, gems and sequin trim, size 6; Sherri Hill, black and pink, size 6; Love 16, fuchsia, size 6; Alyce Designs, fuchsia, size 6 $75.00 0 2/28 12:04 PM CST
2116 [5] DRESSES: Xcite, yellow, sequin and gems on entire dress, size 6; Sherri Hill, ivory and fuchsia, size 6; Xcite, yellow, sequin and lace, size 6; Xcite black and white, gem centerpiece, size 6; Alyce Designs, green, black and peacock, size 6 $75.00 0 2/28 12:05 PM CST
2117 [5] DRESSES: Flirt, women, pink, sweetheart neck, jeweled waistline, flare bottom, size 8; Sherri Hill, women's, pink, sweetheart neck, sequin covered, ruffles, size 8; Xtreme, women's, red, backless, halter, sequin, size 8; Love 16, women's, bright orange, chevon, ruffled, jeweled sweetheart neck, size 8; Bedazzle, women's, orange, halter, sequin shoulder and waistline, straight, silk, size 8 $75.00 0 2/28 12:06 PM CST
2118 [5] DRESSES: Alyce, women's, one shoulder jeweled and bow design, A-line, size 8; Xtreme, women's, tangerine, sequin, plunging neckline, halter, size 8; Xtreme, women's, mint, sweetheart neckline on top and waist, size 8; Sparkle, women's, peacock, sweetheart sequin neckline, A-line, size 8; Tony bowls, women's, aqua, plunged halter neckline, backless, straight, size 8 $75.00 0 2/28 12:07 PM CST
2119 [5] DRESSES: Love 16, women's, ocean blue, sweetheart, sequin bow, A-line, size 8; Tony bowls, women's, sweetheart jeweled neckline, heavy sequin top, size 8; B'Dazzle, women's, aqua, sweetheart heavy jeweled top, flowing chevon bottom, size 8; Xtreme, women's, Bordeaux, one shouldered, back necklace, sheer sequin waistline, size 8, beads damaged; Atelier Alyce, women's plunged white collared, neckline, black A-line, size 8 $75.00 0 2/28 12:08 PM CST
2120 [5] DRESSES: Flirt, women's, white, one long sleeve, sequin covered, size 8; Tony Bowls, women's, white, one shouldered, long, embroidered and jeweled, size 8, stains and soiling on dress; Xtreme, women's, white, plunged neckline, black and white sequin, size 8; Jovani, women's, white, strapless, jeweled waistline, ruffled, size 8; Love 16, Purple, sweetheart neck, stitching messed up, ruffled, floral design, A-line, size 8 $75.00 0 2/28 12:09 PM CST
2121 [5] DRESSES: Love 16, women's, light purple, mermaid style, sweetheart neck, creased, rose design, size 8; Flirt, women's, purple, sweetheart, jeweled, creased, straight, size 8; Ven hot pink silk jeweled deep plunging neck line, jeweled waist line, ruffled bottom, size 8; Flirt royal blue sequin deep plunging neck line with sequin waist line ruffled A-line, size 8; Flip white jeweled straps with jeweled waistline straight gown, size 8 $75.00 0 2/28 12:10 PM CST
2122 [5] DRESSES: B'Dazzle, women's, aqua, jeweled spaghetti straps, creased top, straight bottom, size 10, missing hook on back strap; Sherri hill, women's, aqua, beaded top, strapless, lots of ruffles, A-line, size 10; Xcite, women's, teal, strapless, sequin, A-line, size 10; Xcite, women's, green, V neck, creased, jeweled waistband, straight, size 10; Sherri Hill, "melon nude", romper, sweetheart neckline, lace design, jeweled waistline, size 10 $75.00 0 2/28 12:11 PM CST
2123 [5] DRESSES: Xcite, women's, yellow, purple beaded waistline/ straps, creased bottom, size 10; Atelier Alyce, women's, yellow, sweetheart, laced sequin neckline, polka dot ruffled bottom, size 10; Love 16, women's, yellow sweetheart jeweled sheer neckline, straight, size 10; Alyce, women, citrus yellow, sweetheart silver sequin top, flare bottom, size 10; Atelier Alyce, Red Jeweled halter plunging neckline, straight long gown, size 10 $75.00 0 2/28 12:12 PM CST
2124 [5] DRESSES: Love l6, Rose red, sweetheart neckline, A-line, ruffled, size 10; Flirt, Red, Ruffled, Sweetheart neckline with jeweled waistline, size 10; Xcite, Red, Jeweled spaghetti straps, ruffled topped flowing gown, size 10; Love 16, Dark brown strapless, ruffled with rose patterns in the waistline, mermaid dress, size 10; Flirt, Fuchsia, Silk, sweetheart neckline, jewel lined, straight gown, size 10 $75.00 0 2/28 12:13 PM CST
2125 [5] DRESSES: Alyce, New Coral, sweetheart neckline, jeweled top gown, size 10; Blue Ivory 1 shouldered mermaid layered laced, size 10; Pronovias strawberry dress with halter neck, size 10; Love 16, fuchsia, sweetheart neck, black sash, Aline, size 10; Ella Rosa, ivory, strapless, creased top, flower on left hip, folded skirt, size 10 $75.00 0 2/28 12:14 PM CST

[5] DRESSES: Alyce Designs, silver dress with beaded belt, size 10, top right stones not attached; La Sposa, ivory, strapless, beaded top and hip, A-line skirt, size 10; Enzoani, ivory, sweetheart top, jeweled hip, A-line folded skirt, size 10; Signature, ivory, strapless, lace jacket, embroidered top, A-line skirt, size 10, zipper broken; Enzoani, ivory, strapless, creased top, jeweled embellishments, folded A-line skirt, size 10 (Lot ships in [2] boxes. Click ''Get a Shipping Quote' and double cost for a more accurate shipping quote.)

$75.00 0 2/28 12:15 PM CST
2127 [5] DRESSES: Flirt by Maggie Sottero French blue dress with sequin top, size 12; Alyce magenta sequin dress with flower strap, size 12; Xtreme raspberry dress with rhinestones, size 12; Xtreme plum dress with sequin, size 12; Xcite raisin dress with sequin, size 12 $75.00 0 2/28 12:16 PM CST
2128 [5] DRESSES: Flirt by Maggie Sottero cherry red dress, size 12; Flirt by Maggie Sottero fuchsia and black dress, black ribbon with sequin size 12; Flirt by Maggie Sottero hot berry dress with sequin, size 12; Alyce Designs, plum dress with sequin, size 12; Xtreme tangerine dress with sequin, size 12 $75.00 0 2/28 12:17 PM CST
2129 [5] DRESSES: Essense, Ivory Oyster, strapless, laced and lightly sequined with jeweled waistline, size 12; Joan Calebrese, ivory organza with lace belt and neckline, tea-length, size 12; Macis, ivory taffeta flower dress with ruching top, tea length, size 12; Joan Calebrese, white tiered organza with satin top, tea length, size 12; Macis, white organza over satin dress, with ruffles at waist and bottom, tea length, size 12 $75.00 0 2/28 12:18 PM CST
2130 [5] DRESSES: Love 16 midnight blue dress, size 14; Alyce plum dress, size 14; Alyce B Dazzle water dress, size 14; Venus cerise dress, size 14; Jovani hot pink dress, size 14 $75.00 0 2/28 12:19 PM CST