Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers


Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers, Inc. was founded in April of 1988 through a merging of the partners' operating businesses and years of experience. The company objective was to be a leading multi-facet auction company capable of responding to the growing demand of auction services throughout the state of Texas. Since the inception of Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers our goal has been to provide the buyers and sellers with an auction service second to none. Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers is a family-owned business committed to providing our many customers with the experience, integrity, dedication and knowledge required to achieve a successful business relationship.

Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers serves clients such as the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs Service, Internal Revenue Service, Travis County, Law Enforcement Agencies, Bankruptcy Trustees and numerous commercial lending institutions.

The firm sells all the jewelry, art, antiques, gold, silver and collectibles seized and forfeited nationally for the U.S. Marshals Service. They have conducted numerous high profile auctions including the relocation of property belonging to James "Whitey" Bulger; a fugitive on the FBI's most wanted list. This inventory was relocated from Santa Monica, California to Boston, Massachusetts, where Gaston & Sheehan sold it in June 2016 at the Boston Convention Center.


Other notable accomplishments include the complete liquidation of the personal property assets belonging to Bernard and Ruth Madoff; relocated, stored and disposed of personal property belonging to Rita Crundwell, a convicted embezzler; as well as receiving national media attention when they were contracted by the IRS to auction an inventory of jewelry seized from the notorious Jimmy Chagra family of El Paso, Texas.

Our firm conducts over 100 auctions per year, offering and selling thousands of assets while continually maximizing our client's return. Gaston & Sheehan holds memberships with both the Texas Auctioneers Association and The National Auctioneers Association. Our firm and its auctioneers are licensed in five different states and consistently conduct auction events that draw a national audience. The staff comprises over 150 years of auction experience in all phases of the auction, real estate and vehicle storage industry.

In 2000 Gaston & Sheehan opened a full-service realty office. Gaston & Sheehan Realty is known locally for quality service to both buyers and sellers. The realty office has worked for many asset managers and REO sellers in the central Texas foreclosure market. We have a full-service property management staff as well as an experienced maintenance staff for property upkeep and preparation.


Get to Know the Team:

Bob Sheehan, has been a licensed auctioneer since 1982 and holds a BS degree from the University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree in Management from Frostburg State College, Frostburg, Maryland. Mr. Sheehan has operated a very successful auction business in the Central Texas area providing storage and auctioneering services to the U.S. Marshals since 1985. He has established a reputation beyond reproach with the U.S. Marshals Service, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Internal Revenue Service and other local lending institutions throughout Texas. Mr. Sheehan is a Vietnam Era veteran, who served in the United States Army for six years. While in the military, he served as a Company Commander, Management Analyst, and Comptroller of a medical research facility. Upon his departure from the military, Mr. Sheehan had attained the Rank of Captain in the Medical Service Corps. 

Michelle Sheehan, is licensed by the State of Texas as an Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker. In 1982 she entered the auction business with her husband, Bob Sheehan. Since this time she has contributed to all operational activities of the business. Her responsibilities have ranged from office operations to modeling full-length mink coats in 100-degree heat for a U.S. Marshals auction in Floresville, Texas we were hosting. Mrs. Sheehan has 23 years of experience in government and commercial auction sales of vehicles, equipment, jewelry, real estate, fine art and general merchandise. She is familiar with every aspect of the auction business from setup and advertising to invoicing and proceeds settlements. In addition to her contributions to Gaston & Sheehan, Mrs. Sheehan is an active member of the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce and a well known Real Estate Broker.



Lisa Rzepniewski, Office Manager, has been a licensed auctioneer since 1997. Rzepniewski entered the auction business in 1990, she has worked her way through all aspects of the business. With over 20 years of customer service with the general public and government agencies, public auctions are her expertise. Mrs. Rzepniewski’s responsibilities include client relationship and contract management.


Jason Rzepniewski, Contract Service Manager, is a licensed auctioneer and has been with Gaston & Sheehan for the past 15 years. Negotiation and execution of client and vendor contracts has been Jason’s expertise. In addition to contract negotiations, Mr. Rzepniewski manages all aspects of the daily facility operations. He takes a “hands on” approach to problem solving and leads his teams by example. Mr. Rzepniewski is also a Graduate Personal Property Appraiser and holds numerous certifications in the jewelry field.


Bob Sheehan & Jason Rzepniewski on-board an aircraft for auction.

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